Disney Magic Kingdoms is a free-to-play mobile game that was released in early 2016. The game allows players to build their own Disney theme park. Back when it was new, Daffy Stardust checked it out and compared it to a similar game he was playing, The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Daffy thought the game might be […] … More disney

this is a brid

First a brown shape dove straight down from the sky, at a blazing speed. It was gone almost instantly. Then I saw a Snowy Egret floundering among a group of Cormorants swimming at the spot where the dive bombing occurred.. Then the Cormorants began fleeing the scene. Eventually the Snowy Egret managed to fly away […] … More this is a brid

snow white

SOMEDAY | THE DAILY POST You know the Disney song, right? “Someday my prince will come” — Snow White sings it to the seven dwarfs in the Disney animated classic from 1937. It was the beginning of serious animation. Who could forget? When I was learning photography, back in the early 1970s from a friend […] … More snow white

iced doughnut

These mini doughnuts are baked rather than fried, making them more doughnut-shaped cakes than real doughnuts. But they’re still delicious and better for you! My sister gave me a mini doughnut pan and after some internet searches, I found this recipe at Tesco realfood. Ingredients (original recipe says makes 12. I got 24 mini doughnuts […] … More iced doughnut

colorful flowers

Dear friends and readers: In my collection of pictures of nature, especially flowers, I have chosen for you, beautiful images of flowers, it is the beauty of nature, the colors of nature, the creation of nature ….. and the technique of the photographer. Source:pinterest.com/alozade/fleurs via BEAUTY IN NATURE (D4): My collection of pictures of flowers (Art … More colorful flowers

red flowers

A sure sign of Autumn, the first potted Chrysanthemums have appeared recently at garden centers and home stores. Is it time to remove the summer blooms that are thriving on the front porch ? I’m never sure. A few years ago, I started to purchase some of those “last minute” Spring flowers. It had to […] … More red flowers